Welcome to Koa Framework

First of all, welcome to KOA. KOA is a development framework, built by everis, after years of design, engineering and evolution.

KOA is an opinionated set of design patterns, best practices, technologies, libraries and real project experience that we've put together under a branded product, in a modular way.

But also, we've tried to go one step forward with KOA, adding Open Source technologies and development techniques. However, KOA is still not an open source project and code owned by everis Spain.

Start using KOA today
If you are interested in using KOA (even if you don't have an everis project), you can reach us at all.koa.support@everis.com. Our sales team will explore how we can engage and deploy KOA.

If you are an everis employee, you can also join our Teams project. Just look for KOA Contributors and join us, is open Teams for the company!

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To get started, choose an option from the left menu, or use the search menu.

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